Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Antagonists: Francis I and Charles V.

For decades, Francis I, King of France, and Charles V, The Holy Roman Emperor, competed for control and domination of Italy and various regions bordering their realms. Redoubt Enterprises produced two sets depicting these leaders as they appeared in the latter phases of these wars. Code RX25 contains Francis I and an attendant dressed in armor with tabard and holding a lance. Francis is mounted holds a mace as depicted in the painting to the right. Code RX26 is the Emperor Charles V. He, too, has an attendant that is dressed in a "Landsknecht" style dress with a large floppy hat and wearing a tabard. The Charles figure is mounted and seems to be based on the painting on the left.

I was pleasantly surprised by the detail and quality of the sculpts. Every aspect, from the seemingly correct anatomical proportions of all the figures, to the details of the armor, horse barding and trappings, to the facial features. These figures are nothing short of marvelous.

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