Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Day, Another Blog...

There seems to be a proliferation of wargame related blogs these days, so I thought I'd join the fray. What I intend to accomplish with this blog is a cataloging and a photographic comparison of Renaissance Miniatures currently available on the market. Every effort will be made to classify the miniatures according to time frame (e.g., mid to late 15th Century, early 16th Century) and scale (or size). "Early 16th Century", for instance, roughly corresponds to the first quarter of that century. Since I collect miniatures in 15mm and 28mm, I will focus on those sizes.

I intend to cover the mid-15th Century through the early 17th Century, roughly from the end of the Hundred Years War and The Fall of Constantinople through the French Wars of Religion, with the so-called Condottieri Wars of the 15th Century and the Great Italian Wars of the late 15th through the mid-16th Century as my primary focus.

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