Saturday, December 29, 2007

Early 16th Century Landsknecht Pikemen (28mm)

Unfortunately, I do not have Foundry pikemen, and the Old Glory pikeman is in a lower pose than the others. These figures are fairly compatible in overall size and appearance, although the Essex landsknecht is a bit thinner than the rest, and the Mirliton seems a little taller. If used in the same units, they should mix well, especially given the greatly varied appearance of the landsknecht soldier. The only real consideration is the poses. All the Old Glory pike are in the advancing pose with pikes held at approximately a 45 degree angle, for example, whereas most of the Mirliton have their pikes at the level.

I especially like the Old Glory landsknechts. I think the poses are well suited for the tabletop (no pikes scratching paint off charging gendarmes!), and the costumes are very varied. A nice mix. The Essex figures are crisp and detailed enough, and would fit in with the Old Glory figures.

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rwknap said...

Nice job John!