Friday, December 28, 2007

Early 16th Century Gendarmes (28mm)

Riders first! The photo shows some of the samples I've gathered over the past four years or so. They are "straight out of the bag (or blister)" so to speak. The Eureka Gendarme is from the recent 100 Club production and appears in its unassembled state (i.e., no weapon arm attached). The riders, in my opinion, would basically mix fairly well together, if not always in the same units, then certainly on the same game table. Interestingly, it's the horse size variation that may cause "mixing" problems. (Horses will be next).


Anonymous said...

This article and the companion about the horses is great!

Do you happen to know the cat. numbers for the figures?


Philip said...

Great work you're doing here!!
Love the painting on top of your blog. It's a pitty I can't blow it up to see more details. Do you know of a bigger version?
In your opinion which maker has the most realistic figures? As Redoubt and Bicorne haven't got photos on their site I can't say. Maybe you can post more photos of Bicorne/Redoubt if you have them.